Trademark Registration In Delhi

Get Trademark Registration In Delhi

Trademark Registration In Delhi

The implementation of GST in the country is a result of the largest tax reform, which has significantly enhanced the business environment and expanded the number of taxpayers. In Delhi, the registration process for GST has successfully brought numerous small businesses together under a unified tax system. The introduction of Trademark Registration in Delhi has greatly simplified the tax procedures by eliminating the complexities associated with multiple tax systems and replacing them with a single, comprehensive tax system.

Who is required to get Trademark Registration in Delhi?

The businesses in Delhi must obtain Trademark Registration if they belong to the categories specified below:

1. Aggregate turnover
Any service provider who offers services exceeding Rs.20 lakh annually must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi. On the other hand, any entity involved in the sale of goods must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi if their turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakh.

2. Interstate business
If the entity engages in the interstate supply of goods, they must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi. In simple words if any entity suppling goods from Delhi to any other state then, they should obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi.

3. Reverse Charge
If any entity covered under reverse charge then it should obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi. In normal scenario a seller if required to pay GST but in some cases a buyer is required to pay the GST to government and that situation is called reverse charge.

4. Non-Resident Taxable Person
An individual or business that occasionally engages in transactions involving the supply of goods or services, whether as a principal, agent, or in any other capacity, but does not have a fixed place of business or residence in India is considered a Non-resident taxable person (NRTP) under GST, Then he must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi.

5. E-commerce platform
Getting Trademark Registration is a prerequisite for starting an E-commerce business. anyone engaged in the supply of goods and services through an E-commerce platform must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi, regardless of their turnover.

6. Casual taxable person
An individual who engages in the seasonal supply of goods or services through a temporary stall or shop must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi. Regardless of the turnover, it is mandatory for the individual to apply for Trademark Registration in Delhi.

Advantages of Trademark Registration in Delhi

1. Input tax credit
A person registered under GST in Delhi can take the input tax credit of goods/services purchased for business purpose. Trademark Registration offers a significant benefit in the form of the input tax credit. By registering for GST in Delhi, businesses gain the ability to reduce their tax burden by claiming a credit for the GST paid on goods and services utilized in their operations.

2. Ease of starting business
Operating across various states and territories used to mean adhering to numerous laws for businesses. Thanks to the centralized registration facilitated by GST, establishing a new business will become simpler and more cost-effective. Additionally, the subsequent procedural obligations will be streamlined under a single law.

3. Removal of cascading
Implementing a tax credit system that seamlessly operates throughout the entire value chain and across state borders would effectively reduce tax cascading, thereby minimizing the incidental expenses associated with business operations.

4. Competitive advantage
Registering for GST can enhance a company's competitiveness within the marketplace. By complying with the legal requirement to charge GST on taxable supplies, it allows the business to compete fairly with other registered businesses. Moreover, being GST-registered can create a perception of professionalism and establishment among clients and suppliers, thereby bolstering the company's reputation and attracting new business opportunities. Ultimately, this can lead to increased profits and sales, further solidifying the company's success.

Process of Trademark Registration in Delhi

1. Documents
Provide all the required documents to our consultant for Trademark Registration in the state of Delhi

2. Payment
Please Make the appropriate payment in our Bank Account for Trademark Registration in Delhi

3. Filing With Government
In this step of Trademark Registration in Delhi, our experienced consultant will file the application with the Department

4. GST Certificate
After approval of GST application in Delhi by the GST Department, we will download and provide the Trademark Registration certificate in Delhi to You, and good wishes to manage the Trademark Registration and compliances of GST

What are the charges for Trademark Registration in Delhi?

There is no fee required to be paid for Trademark Registration in Delhi to government but a professional who is applying for Trademark Registration in Delhi charge fee which depends on the experience, expertise, geographical area, and the intricacy of your business. Typically, the cost for Trademark Registration services can range from INR 1,500 to INR 10,000.

FAQ's on Trademark Registration in Delhi

Some popular question asked along with the answer are as follows:

1. What is the limitation for Trademark Registration?

Any service provider that provides services amounting to more than Rs.20 lakh annually is required to obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi. Conversely, any entity engaged in the sale of goods must obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi if their turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakh.

2. How many times Trademark Registration can be applied?

A person can applied for Trademark Registration in Delhi multiple times. There is no limit to applied for Trademark Registration.

3. What are the documents required for Trademark Registration in Delhi?

List of Documents are as follows for Trademark Registration in Delhi
a. Pan copy
b. Aadhar copy
c. Photo
d. Electricity bill
e. Rent agreement or NOC
f. Mob. No. & Email id
g. Business Name & Item

4. Can a person have 2 Trademark Registration in Delhi?

Yes, a single person can have multiple GSTINS, if he is operating under more than one vertical in Delhi, like a person can have two type of business 1. Rice trading 2. Tour & Travelling

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